To monitor employee well-being, the Howdy app asks each employee five questions once every two weeks. The questions (WHO-5) have been developed by the danish Professor Per Bech.
The response team consist of industrial psychologists who analyse incoming data on a daily basis and act proactively by telephoning those employees who are found to be at a critical level or set on a negative trend.
All responses are processed anonymously. Once a month, the management and HR receive a report on job satisfaction levels and the number of employees and managers receiving therapeutic assistance.
Worklife Barometer regularly provides the management and HR with good advice and recommends tools to support the handling and communication of stress-related problems within the organisation.

Our experiences with the solution

of all employees answer frequently (at least once a month)
of the employees are capable of acting on it's own after a dialogue with the response center
incidents of stress-related sick leaves are due to stress both at home and at work
of the employees are in contact with our response center during the first year

This is the decision makers feed back on Worklife Barometer


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